Introduction To Bifold Doors

What makes bifold doors the right choice for your home or business? And where exactly in the room can they be best put to use? Although incredibly versatile, practical and attractive, these doors are suited more to some locations than others. To help you choose whether these doors are going to be an advantage to the lay-out of your home or business, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 uses for them:

Small Units and Apartments: If you live in an incredibly small space, such as a studio apartment or one-bedroom unit, the last thing you need is for your doors to take up more space than necessary. Not only do these doors neatly concertina to provide more space through and around them, they are also an extremely practical and flexible method of temporarily dividing small spaces to create more privacy (to separate a bedroom space in open-plan apartments, for example).

Restaurants, Cafés and Boutiques: As any boutique or eatery owner will tell you, the atmosphere of a retail location is only slightly less important than the product. Bifold doors can be used to achieve a welcoming ambience in a variety of ways. The most popular use of these doors in retail properties is to open up the store to the street, providing outdoor seating or stock display areas which are in easy view and access of the interior. Inside Homes: When it comes to residential buildings, bifold doors are unequalled in dividing spaces in a highly effective and stylish way. They can be used to temporarily divide large open spaces into several smaller portions. Depending on the materials that the panels are produced from, they can also effectively reduce noise pollution from the other side of the divide and increase the flow of natural light. visit bi folding doors

Outside Homes: Bifold doors are, not surprisingly, just as successful outside your home as they are inside. On the external surface of your home, bifold doors can provide a casual and stunning transition point between the interior and exterior, folding in to reveal patios, pool decks and views of the garden. Warehouses and Storage Facilities: Industrial locations such as warehouses and storage facilities typically occupy large open-plan spaces. Bifold doors are one of the most ideal choices for dividing space within these locations because they allow for a flexible opening size to accommodate large products and machinery and are easy and practical to maneuver.